Hair, Skin, Nails, Joints, Bones, Muscles, Pain, Inflammation, Heart & Gut Health
What Is Collagen?

Collagen is your body's most abundant protein and crucial building block. It's the glue that holds you together, ensuring your connective tissues integrity, elasticity, and regeneration, therefore maintaining your hair, skin, nails, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, discs, eyes, organs and gut health.

marine collagen powder
Hair, Skin & Nails
Collagen constitutes to 70% of your skin's dry mass content including the root of your hair. Collagen provides the infrastructure to your hair, skin and nails, maintaining moisture, elasticity and strength.
marine collagen powder
muscles, pain & joints
Collagen makes up 85% of your tendons, 70% of your cartilage, 90% of your bone mass, 1-10% of your muscles for general strength and joint flexibility. Collagen can reduce joint pain and inflammation.
marine collagen powder
Heart & Gut Health
Collagen provides structure to your arteries, the blood vessels that carry blood from your heart to the rest of your body. Due to the amino acid profile collagen can aid digestion and gut health.
Why Do We Need Collagen?

After the age of around 20, we produce about 1% less collagen each year. Collagen loss is a natural process, but other factors such as exposure to UV, pollution, and lifestyle choices can lead to early or more intense signs of ageing. The reduction of collagen causes the gradual deterioration of collagen fibres which results in your skin becoming dehydrated and thinner, causing wrinkles to appear. It also leads to the loss of bone and cartilage, increasing inflammation which causes pain and discomfort in your joints.

What Type Of Collagen Should I Take?

Collagen capsules, tablets, liquid, pills and shots are often a low dosage and can contain unwanted additives! Studies have shown marine collagen to be 1.5x more bioavailable than bovine collagen. When it comes to the collagen type 1-2-3 or multi collagen despite what some manufacturers claim, it's irrelevant as the small difference in the amino acid profile can easily be offset with the dosage.

How Long Does It Take For Collagen To Work?

Scientific studies have shown that the benefits of collagen usually start between 4-12 weeks. Some of our customers experience quicker results due to their current collagen levels and personal circumstances. The key is to ensure you consistently take the recommended serving.

How Do I Take Your Collagen?

One level scoop per day (10g), either all at once or throughout the day (30 servings per pouch). Add to any hot or cold food or drink and mix thoroughly before consuming; please allow time for the collagen to dissolve fully. The collagen may have a slight taste due to the natural ingredients, which is perfectly normal; you can experiment with your favourite foods and drinks to achieve your required taste.

Our Story

My name is Lee Jackson; I'm the founder of My Natural Choice. I suffered from ongoing lower back pain due to a slipped disc. Hours of research led me to many scientific studies showing collagen's effectiveness. After taking collagen for a couple of months, I could see and feel all the benefits. I was amazed that the back pain I endured for 9 years had gone! We are a passionate family business, providing you with the highest quality all-natural ingredients.